Taiwan is a truly amazing place, filled with culture and contemporary modern appeal. But being disabled while experiencing this fascinating and exhilarating land can be a bit of a challenge. So when you have special needs, you needs a special travel agent to assist you. Please let us know your need and we will show you how we could conquer the obstacle.

Wheelchair Friendly Places to Visit

Being stopped at the entrance because the place is not wheelchair friendly is one of the most awkward situations that a wheelchair user can meet. Our professional travel consultants are capable of arranging all the wheelchair friendly scenic spots and hotels into your schedule, so you can enjoy your journey carefree and without worries!

Special Accessible Car

We offer specially designed cars with a lift in the back of the car so that wheelchair users can get on and off the vehicle effortlessly. The cars are also equipped with safety buckles, allowing wheelchair users to travel happily and safely.

Warm Heart and Thoughtful Guide

A tour guide with the passion to serve and full of love will accompany you along the way to make sure that you are having a nice and comfortable trip.

Wheelchair Accessible Accommodation

When the night falls, the travelers will be staying in a room with more than enough space for wheelchairs to enter and move around. There is also wheelchair friendly bathroom which allows wheelchair users to wash up safely and conveniently.

Mouthwatering Local Food

We will choose the restaurants according to your taste or special meal request so that you can enjoy your meals happily!

Assistive Devices Prepared for You

Let us know what your special requests are, and we will do our best to prepare all the Assistive devices that you need!