Beitou, the vibrant hot spring village next to Taipei! Relaxation at the utmost level along with a large pool of information and knowledge. These were the reasons for me to visit Beitou.
Relaxation and comfort is not the only wonderful thing Beitou brings to you. Beitou Park is a silent and beautiful area. By visiting the park, the Library and Beitou stream are definitely worth a visit.

If you know Chinese, the wooden and strange shaped library is even more interesting for you. But even if you are a foreigner, you should spend some time there. The beautiful wooden building was built to be eco-friendly and uses rainwater recycling as well as photovoltaic cells. The floors are constructed to reduce the consumption of energy and increase the thermal efficiency.  I was very impressed by the architecture and design of the building. A lot of students go there to learn for their exams. And If I was a student here I would definitely go there as well.

Additional to visiting the library, Beitou stream is a must see and feel. Only knowing that this is a warm river amazed me. To feel it and relax my feet was overwhelming. On weekdays you will find some time there to read a nice book and make yourself feel comfortable.

If you like that, you have to visit Millennium hot spring; a natural, open air hot spring for public (with swimsuits).

At first I felt a bit lost in that place. I never visited a public hot spring before and only knew you have to shower yourself before entering the pools. In fact it is very easy to do the right things, like finding changing rooms, lockers, showers and the different hot springs. Especially if you are a foreigner the people will kindly notice you if you do something “wrong�. For me it was important to look what others do and then copy that.
The water has a high amount of sulfur and iron this will soften and clear your skin. By using the pools from 38 degrees up to 46 degrees with open air experience I cleared my thoughts. Especially the fascinating contrast of cool and hot water pools is a must experience.

But there is one thing I have to complain about Beitou. Tourism took over the area too much. Beside of Beitou Park are a lot of large hotels and private hot springs. In my opinion Beitou is worth a visit but tourism business just expelled too much of the natural beauty. But you have to explore by yourself.

Get there and around:
Take the red MRT to Tamsui or Beitou for about 30 minutes from main station. From there you can walk or switch to a train to Xinbeitou, to get directly to the sights.
Tips and advice

The tangy smell of sulfur sticks into your nose from the moment the train opens its doors. Don’t get scared and take the next train back to main station. You won’t smell it after five minutes.
Don’t go there during the Weekend due to too many tourists. And please don’t consider going there on Mondays because on Mondays all main spots are closed: The hot spring museum as well as the geothermal valley and plum garden.
You may noticed, that I focused on the not so famous spots. I went there on a Monday and couldn’t explore those places. But I recommend visiting the hot spring museum if you are interested in history and the hot spring village and plum garden for amazing nature.
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