Fantastic Shore Excursion for Your Cruise

Enjoy a Quality Shore Trip with the reasonable price

Enjoy a safe, quality shore tour led by our professional, local tour guides instead of overspending on expensive cruise line excursions. Do you prefer a sightseeing tour? Or a relaxing tour by the hot springs? To maximize the time of your short stay, we offer a variety of day tours beginning at Keelung Port once your ship arrives.

How does a nice cruise landing tour should be like?

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From the begin to the end, guide will always stay with you.

  • Always on time: Our tours usually start at 9:00am and return to the port before your cruise sets off again. (If you’d like to start the tour at a different time, please let us know.)
  • Easy to Recognize: Red hats & Welcome sign with a Topology logo.
  • Always standing at the entrance: Cruise ships may stop at different part of the port. Our tour guides will always meet you at the entrance of your cruise ship.

“One stop shopping”

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From the begin to the end, guide will always stay with you.

  • All inclusive price: We understand it might be inconvenience for you to exchange money if you’ll only passing Taiwan for one day or half day. Meals and any park entrance fees are included in the package fee, basically you don’t need to pay during the tour.
  • If you’d like to buy some small souvenir during the trip, prepare $1000NTD (around 33 USD) will be quiet enough for the day tour. Please let our tour guides know before you leave the Keelung harbour if you need to exchange money.
  • Credit card is acceptable at some gift shops.

See sights as many as possible, but not feeling rush.

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We know you’d like to visit as more tourist sights as possible during your limited time in Taiwan. We will definitely try our best to make a great plan for you so that you’re able to explore the beauty of Taiwan at a comfortable pace.

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