The Great Taroko Gorge: Hualien

Hualien is a region rich with natural resources and a bustling hub of activity for tourists. It is famous for its rift valley plain that lies just beside a mountainous range, and rocky seashore overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The tribal culture here offers an extra diverse travel experience. The countryside in Hualien has one of the best natural environments in Taiwan. Visitors from outside of Taiwan and even Taiwanese locals themselves often plan their weekend getaways down to Hualien to escape the bustle and grind of city life.




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The Great Taroko Gorge

Taroko Gorge is an impressive 19km long canyon famous for its spectacular mountains and marble cliffs that stretch along the Liwu River. Such special geography has also bred special flora and fauna in this area. Some people get immense satisfaction taking in the majestic scenery just touring the park in a bus, car or taxi. For the more active, there are a few hiking trails and great water areas to go swimming and river tracing.


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Shakadang Trail

Shakagang Trail, also known as “mysterious valley trail”, is built along a river cliff. Travellers can easily observe the folds in rocks and the natural ecosystem beside the river shore. After passing a 3D cabin, the trail will lead visitors to the old Datong tribal village – a perennial favorite for our visitors.


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Wind of Pacific Ocean – Seven Star Bay (Qixingtan)

At the northeast of Hualien City, the moon-shaped Seven Star Bay has a pebble beach that extends along the shore for several kilometers. You don’t need to fully plan what to do here since what you do can be quite spontaneous, which includes cycling, picnicking, taking a long walk, enjoying the geological sights. If you come at the right time of morning, you may see some fishermen working along the shore.


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Surrounding by mountains – The Carps Lake

Surrounded by the mountains, Carp Lake maintains its own quietness and unique scenery. Here, you can take a leisurely walk, cycle around the lake, or traverse the lake by pedal boat. During April and May, you can see fireflies along the lake if you’re lucky enough!


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The Military Command Center – Pine Garden

Due to its vantage point atop mountain, and camouflage provided by lush towering pines. The Japanese military established a command center here during WWII. After the war, buildings and the pine trees are remained, and becomes one of the most popular sight in Hualien city. Visitors can explore the history of Japanese army, such as the well-known suicide attack team “Kamikaze attack unit” here.



Day 1

  • 0700: Departure from Taipei
  • 1230: Lunch: Aboriginal Specialty
  • 1400: Great Taroko Gorge
  • 1700: Shakadang Trail
  • 1750: Dinner
  • Back to high quality B&B / Hotel

Day 2

  • 0930: The Military Command Center – Pine Garden
  • 1100: The story of Japanese immigration – Chinghsiu temple
  • 1115: Surrounding by Mountains – The Carps Lake
  • 1230: Lunch time
  • 1410: Wind of Pacific Ocean – Seven Star Bay
  • 1700: Back to Taipei


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2 DAYS The Great Taroko Gorge
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