A Restful Mountain Retreat – Tainan & Alishan

People in the south of Taiwan live at a different pace than their northern city-dwelling brethren. They are extremely amiable, people-oriented, always smiling and ready to help out a stranger. The people are the primary reason that tourists continue coming back to these cities in Southern Taiwan – their passion, friendliness, and helpfulness. Come experience the South of Taiwan together with us.

The greatest attractions and features of Southern Taiwan are all to be found in Tainan: the former cultural capital of the Chinese-Fujianese population in Taiwan. Tainan is full of unique and beautiful temples, and is home to some of the most interesting cultural customs on our beautiful island.

Being one of Taiwan’s top three destinations, Alishan features a highland landscape with various tourist sites dotted along the its abundance forest trails. Two Sisters Pond, Thousand Year Cypresses, Zhushan viewing platform are ones that attract the most visitors. Do not miss taking the Alishan forest train that runs through a charming mountain valley. Depending on the season, you can view deep green landscapes or cherry blossoms during the train ride.




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Historic Treasure Landmarks – Anping Old Fort & Fort Provintia

If you are interested in learning about Taiwanese history, religious customs and traditional life, you can’t miss out on Tainan. As the former capital of Taiwan, almost every corner of the streets in town leave visitors with a sense of the old-time small-town atmosphere of years gone by. Tainan has the highest concentration of temples and shrines, remaining red-brick walls, and defensive forts such as Anping Old Fort and Fort Provintia. Many have found walking in this engaging city akin to flipping through the pages of a Taiwanese history book.


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A Journey to the Great Eastern Philosophy – Confucius Temple

Visit Confucius Temple and try to find which of his students excelled the “six arts”-rites, music, archery, charioteering, calligraphy and mathematics. If you have any tests coming up in the near future, you might also consider visiting the temple to honor Confucius like most local college students do around finals!


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A Restful Mountain Retreat – Alishan National Scenic Area

Alishan is renowned far and wide for its cloud sea, sunrises and sunset glow. It also has an enchanting gorge waterfall, Sakura cherry blossoms and bamboo groves. The scenic area’s unique Z-shaped forest railway (nicknamed “train hits the wall”), and the culture of the local Tsou aborigines add to Alishan’s uniqueness.



Day 1

  • 0900: Departure from Taipei
  • 1300: Anping Old Fort
  • 1430: Tree House
  • 1530: Sunset at the Salt Farm
  • 1700: Night Market
  • Overnight high quality B&B / Hotel in Tainan

Day 2

  • 1000: River in the Forest: Four-Grass Green Tunnel
  • 1200: The starting point of Alishan railway: Chiayi Beimen Station
  • 1400: Fenchihu Old town
  • 1700: Dinner
  • Overnight high quality B&B / Hotel in Alishan

Day 3

  • 1030: Alishan Railway Experience
  • 1330: Sacred Forest Trail Hiking
  • 1500: Aboriginal Dishes
  • 1900: Arrive Taipei


Start from 620 USD per person, see below for more details.

3 DAYS Alishan & Tainan
2~3 Adult Travelers

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4 Adult Travelers

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740 USD

per pax

620 USD

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2~6 y/o

325 USD

50% of original price


0~1 y/o


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Price includes
  • Transportation (van or car)
  • English speaking driver guide
  • Meals: Day1: L&D ; Day2: B&L&D ; Day3: B&L
  • Tickets: Alishan Railway tickets, Alishan Forrest entrance fees, Congucius Temple entrance fees
    *Extra 100 USD per person for two way HSR tickets.
  • Accommodation: 1 night of high quality guest house / B&B
  • Travel insurance
  • And, of course, memories that money can’t buy!