Old Miner Towns: Jiufen and Pingxi

Planning to have an extended trip in the artistic town of Jiufen and see what’s going on nearby? This 2 day tour explores Jiufen, Pingxi and Houdong. These towns’ unique geological location, history and picturesque scenery altogether make a perfect theme for having a private tour. See how much sweet memories these three quaint towns and our private tour bring for you!




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Yehliu Geo Park

Yehliu lies in one of the most remarkable geological coastal areas in northern Taiwan, and is well-known for its rocky promontory overlooking the bay. Winds and waves shape the environment and make the scenic view magnificent. Local people have taken pleasure in naming the large rocks which dot the landscape after shapes which they resemble. When you see “Queen’s Head” rock, you’ll feel like you’re in the presence of royalty.


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Jiufen & Jiufen Old Street

The most memorable part of being in Jiufen, without a doubt, is the long and narrow market streets which stretches through the entire town. The streets are dotted with crafts, food, tea, snacks, and many traditional and playful products. Also, try some of the local foods, be sure to pick up some. Sweet taro balls, rice cakes and the grilled squid… one bite and you’re hooked!


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Cat Paradise: Houdong the Cat Town

When miners lived in Houdong, cats were trained to catch rats that brought trouble to the local people. After the mining industry declined the cats were left behind. Now, cats can be found at just about every corner in the town of Houdong. If you’re a cat lover, or hater, or on the fence on the subject of cats, this is a town you don’t want to miss out on.


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Pingxi Sub Railway

The Pingxi Railway was originally built to transport coal. Now it is used for tourists to experience the life that Pingxi’s miners previously led. Enjoy a relaxing ride back through history, and soak up the early culture of Taiwan clearly on display here.


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Let’s Make a wish: Sky Lantern

Make a wish, write it on the lantern and let it fly. The sky lantern festival has long been used for people to pray for their wishes. During the Lantern Festival, around February and March each year, lanterns cover the entire sky of Pingxi. If you’re an artist, writer, or photographer, we highly recommend you see this festival for yourself.


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Shifen Water Fall

Shifen has the best waterfall in Northern Taiwan, sometimes referred to as “Taiwanese Niagara Falls”. Want to decide whether or not the name is justified for yourself? Come on down to Pingxi and check it out for yourself!



Day 1

  • 0900: Departure from Taipei
  • 1010: Yehliu Geo Park
  • 1230: Lunch time
  • 1430: Jiufen & Jiufen Old Street
  • 1630: The golden waterfall
  • 1700: Dinner
  • 1815: Night view of Jiufen
  • Overnight at high quality B&B

Day 2

  • 1000: Coal Mine Museum
  • 1040: Houdong the Cat Town
  • 1210: Lunch time
  • 1340: Old street visit
  • 1500: Pingxi Railway Tour
  • 1600:Shifen Waterfall
  • 1640: Sky Lantern
  • 1800: Arrive Taipei


Start from 320 USD per person, see below for more details.

2 DAYS Jiufen & Pingxi
2~3 Adult Travelers

Original Price

4 Adult Travelers

or above

375 USD

per pax

320 USD

per pax


2~6 y/o

188 USD

50% of original price


0~1 y/o


not occupying a bed




Tour Details >>>

Price includes
  • Transportation (van or car)
  • English speaking driver guide
  • Meals: 1st Day: L&D / 2nd Day: B&L
  • Accommodation: 1 night of nice guesthouse / B&B
  • Tickets: Yehliu Park, Railway tickets, Shifen Waterfall, Sky lantern (one lantern per group)
  • Travel insurance
  • And, of course, memories that money can’t buy!