A Joyful Family Trip- Sun Moon Lake

Guests who have stayed on the Flying Cow Ranch get to feel all the benefits of a long and relaxing vacation. Free activities include learning how to milk a cow, learning to feed young cows (calves), butterfly watching, and listening to the Ranch’s highly trained chorus of ducks make music from their stage on the pond.

Sun Moon Lake, located in the middle of Taiwan, with an elevation of 748 meters above sea level, is the only natural and the largest lake in Taiwan. The southern part is shaped like a new moon, and the northern part like a sun; hence the name Sun Moon Lake.




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Enjoy Making New Friends: Flying Cow Ranch

We arrive at Flying Cow Ranch after a trip through the dense Taiwanese forest. Three different colors represent the values of the ranch we’re visiting: blue, representing a cheerful life with family and friends; white, representing healthy and freshly-made dairy products; and green, representing the spirit and mentality of sustainable tourism. Come visit the butterflies and livestock on the Flying Cow ranch, and have yourself a relaxing day on the tall grass paradise.


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A Food Paradise: Feng-Chia Night Market

The food at Feng-Chia night market is often described as “delicious, cheap, and generous portions.” Feng-Chia night market isn’t only about being big, it’s also about taking an innovative spirit to Taiwan’s traditional night-market foods. Come and experience this hub of Taiwanese gourmet innovation for yourself, and gain insight into the food culture of our beautiful Ilha Formosa.


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A Home to Hunters: Sun Moon Lake & Itathao Aboriginal Cuisine

Sun Moon Lake attracts those who love mountains and the outdoors to find peace and joy from its unpredictable natural appearance. With the Lake’s lofty peaks and mist-shrouded valley standing just a few miles away, excellent lake views regardless of time of day await your arrival.


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A Town of Paper: Paper Factory

In Puli, excellent water resources make for fine produce. From processing raw wood to printing your own creative patterns on your paper creation, at the Paper Factory, make sure to participate in a DIY paper crafting tour! During 1970s, paper was massively exported abroad. The paper making industry has been completely developed and enhanced with Chinese and Japanese techniques during the Japanese colonial period.



Day 1

  • 0900: Departure from Taipei
  • 1100: Flying Cow Ranch
  • 1600: Feng-Chia Night Market
  • Overnight Taichung hotel

Day 2

  • 1030: Sun Moon Lake
  • 1130: Itathao Aboriginal Cuisine
  • 1400: Paper Dome
  • Overnight Puli B&B

Day 3

  • 1000: Traditional paper factory DIY paper making
  • 1300: Shuili Snake Kiln
  • 1500: Japanese style train station
  • 1700: Arrive Taipei


Start from 570 USD per person, see below for more details.

3 DAYS Sun Moon Lake
2~3 Adult Travelers

Original Price

4 Adult Travelers

or above

620 USD

per pax

570 USD

per pax


2~6 y/o

310 USD

50% of original price


0~1 y/o


not occupying a bed




Tour Details >>>

Price includes
  • Transportation (van or car)
  • English speaking driver guide
  • Meals: Day1:L ; Day2:B&L&D ; Day3:B&L
  • Tickets: Flying cow ranch, Paper dome, Boating tickets, Paper factory
  • Accommodation: 2 night of high quality guest house / B&B
  • Travel insurance
  • And, of course, memories that money can’t buy!