One Day Tours

Today we will bring you to spiritual grounds burrowed within the majestic mountains. Experience Zen, total relaxation. After a relaxing afternoon, you will enter the world of arts where you can admire the beauty of great works.


Explore the famous Japanese styled Jiufen Old Street and local foods of Taiwan’s old gold rush town, the source of inspiration for Oscar’s Best Animated Film Spirited Away.


Enjoy a day outdoors at the rocky shores and sandy beaches of Taiwan’s gorgeous Northeast Coastline! This tour is a treat for those with a love for outdoor adventures and seascape photography. At the town of Pingxi our guests may be able to witness the famous Pingxi Lantern Festival!


Honored as Taipei’s Backyard Garden, Yangmingshan National Park is a photo hotspot with its floral gardens and meadows. Guests can pick the abundant Calla Lilies flowers at Bamboo Lake, and take a relaxing soak in Yangminshan’s famous sulphur hot springs!


Perfect for a family vacation, this 1 day hot spring tour takes our guests to Beitou, Taipei’s most popular hot spring location. Guests can also check out Beitou’s beautiful Public library and capture precious learning moments at the National Palace Museum.


A fun-filled 1 day tour that explores the heart of Taipei city. Features include Taiwan’s tallest building Taipei 101, delicious xiao long bao at Michelin rated restaurant Din Tai Fung, and more!


Yilan, one of the most breathtaking spots in Northern Taiwan, is situated in the back yard of Taipei City, set against the backdrop of the Pacific Ocean. During our tour of Yilan, you will experience first hand the relaxation of famous local hot spring, creative farm, rustic paths for walking and getting lost, and of course, a healthy dose of folk culture.


Two Days Tours

An extended two days tour that explores Taiwan’s two famous old mining towns. Features include the Japanese styled Old Street of Jiufen, the old railway of Pingxi, and the famous Pingxi Lantern Festival*! *Limited to certain times in the year.


Get in touch with nature by cycling along the river banks and coastal line of Yilan, and visit Taiwan’s most famous odorless hot springs site! at Jiaosi. On this tour our guests will explore the National Center of Traditional Arts and enjoy delicious local Yilan delicaciess!


An in depth relaxation trip, we invite our guests to enjoy the fresh air and endless ocean view of Hualien. Highlights include the Great Taroko Gorge, a 19km canyon famous for its clear water spots perfect for swimming and river tracing!


Spend some quality time with your family at the Flying Cow Ranch where you and your kids can milk cows, feed rabbits and goats, make ice cream from fresh dairy, and do other DIY activities!


3-5 Days Trips

Take in the breathtaking beauty of Sun Moon Lake while on a cycle path nominated to be one of the most scenic by CNN. Other highlights include visiting a tea farm and bamboo forest, and tasting authentic Thao Aborigine cuisine!


The greatest attractions of Southern Taiwan are all to be found in Tainan, the former cultural capital of the Chinese-Fujianese population. This is a place full of unique temples and home to some of the most interesting cultural customs on our beautiful island.


Get ready for this Ultimate 5 Days Tour as we take you on a journey to see some of the most symbolic attractions such as Sun Moon Lake and Alishan, Fengchia night market, and Flying Cow Ranch all in one go!


Taitung is largely an unspoiled land with vast natural beauty, which provides opportunities for surfing, cycling, white water rafting and other ecotourism activities. Those interested in cultural tourism will find a rich heritage among the indigenous peoples who have resided here for centuries.