A trip that makes people of all ages delightful.

You are surrounded by your parents, children and all your beloved family.
What a wonderful picture that is full of happiness!


Grandpa is telling an amusing story to his grandson. It’s the same old story that you’ve heard of almost a thousand times. Your son keeps asking questions with zest. It doesn’t happen a lot when he can spend the quality time with his grandparents, maybe once a year.

All the family members chat and laugh together and create your own memories during the trip, letting the gene of travel spread and stay in your family.


From the arrangement of itinerary, accommodation to food selection are all well-organized to meet the needs of all travelers in your group. All we want is making children entertained, parents relaxed and grandparents deeply touched.


We have abundant experiences traveling with multi-generational family in Taiwan. You are the leading character of the next adventure.


Sit back and know

Let Topology
make memories lasting a lifetime

Comprehensive plan

We will take everyone’s physical strength and preference into full consideration when making the customized itinerary for you. During the trip, we believe you deserve to spend your precious time on your family, that’s why we won’t take you to shopping stands.


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Nice Home During the Trip

You may need family room orconnecting rooms to take care of each other. A spacious social space that you can gather together to talk about all the hilarious things during the trip should be nice. We know you don’t want to change hotels too frequently. Spending at comfortable accommodations for a few nights, we hope you can feel at home during the trip.

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Considerate Tour Guides

Besides sharing local customs with you, our thoughtful tour guides are your best assistant during the trip. They will try to remember what you like so that the children and the elderly will be taken good care of. They are your strongest support when you have special needs.

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Cozy Transportation and Leisurely Travel Pace

We will provide comfortable private transportation and we know what you want is to have a free and easy trip, focus on spending time together and not being too rushed to cover all the sights. You won’t feel the tense and anxiety like you used to join the sit-in-coach tour.

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Flexible Meal Choices

You can decide whether you want to include meals in your travel plan or not. Give a try to taste local food selected by us or enjoy meals at your preferred restaurants. Flexible plan enables you to keep the right of making your own decisions during the trip.

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Unforgettable Touching Moments

We’ve created many touching moments for various families. We can hold birthday party for you. Taking your grandparents to re-visit meaningful old sites is what we like to do with pleasure. All the joy and tears that we feel during the trip is the most valuable asset for us.

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Wanna create your unique experience?

The smallest details can make the biggest differences on the trip.
Hopefully your family will be able to clearly hear the laughters of this trip when you open the time machine many years down the road.

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