Your group, your way.

You may just take over a huge task of holding a big group travel the minute you’re reading this paragraph. No matter you’ll be traveling with your best friends or office partners, to recharge everyone’s body and mind is what you are looking for from the perfect trip.

Instead of feeling annoyed by all kinds of details and decision-making, you should find a reliable teammate to assist you!


We know it’s never an easy job being the organizer of a big group travel.
In order to make you feel relaxed and comfortable during the trip like everybody else in the group, we would like to be your strongest arms to help you take care of all the details during the trip. You can keep your own style in your journey without being restricted to the fixed schedule on the market.

Start from now, you can create your own customized trip with us and stand out from the crowd.

Sit back and know

How Topology
makes your private group trip special

Choose Your Own Travel Date

Squeeze the same period of time of all group members to travel together is as difficult as winning the lottery. We give you 100% flexibility to choose your departure date. In this way, you don’t need to be tied to other groups.


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We Care About Everyone’s Need.

During the process of discussion, we will confirm everyone’s special need repeatedly. We run the risk of repeating ourselves because we believe all travelers should be equally treated during the trip.

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Passionate and Vibrant Tour Guides

A tour guide who knows how to raise the mood just likes a professional gaffer during the trip. They can adjust different lighting, strong or gentle, to furnish your needs during the trip.

Local Meal Plan

Is it true that big travel group can only have their meals in boring restaurants for tourists? Of course not! We will prepare more flexible meal plan for you so that you can enjoy unique food culture of Taiwan.

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Cozy Accommodation/Social Space

You may need different room types in one trip as you’re traveling with people who have different needs. We will arrange suitable accommodation for you based on your request. Besides, we can book a whole guest house for you so that you can have your own social space. Have a heart-to-heart talk or hold a party are both great things you can do in the space. All we want is you can fully enjoy thouse touching moments during your holiday without any disturbs.

Enhance the Cohesion- Team Building Activities

We’ve created many touching moments for various families. We can hold birthday party for you. Taking your grandparents to re-visit meaningful old sites is what we like to do with pleasure. All the joy and tears that we feel during the trip is the most valuable asset for us.

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Wanna create your unique experience?

The smallest details can make the biggest differences on the trip.
Hopefully your family will be able to clearly hear the laughters of this trip when you open the time machine many years down the road.

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