Love is about being a part of each other’s life, and so is traveling.

Do you remember the first time you travel together?
You wonder what he/she likes, try to travel with the same pace and you embrace each other’s differences. You leave your footprints in the mountain, by the sea, with shared travel experiences.


During the journey, you get to know love is simple.
It’s all about keeping each other company.


No matter your next trip is about an adventurous proposal,
a once-in-a-life-time honey moon or a secret anniversary that only belongs to you.


Abandon all your worries and complicated plans.

Leave it up to us!


Sit back and know

How Topology
create your love Story

Indulgin Yourselves in Shared Interests

No matter you are couples who have to visit museums everyday during the trip, or couples who prefer rural life, once you let us know about your shared travel preference, you can have your own unique theme trip.


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You won’t be disturbed by others in a private trip. Even in the hustle and bustle touristic areas, we’ll try to find a quiet place for you to enjoy your special moment.

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Incredible Romantic Moment

Chasing sunset on the while watching rosy clouds filled the evening sky. Having candlelight dinner while enjoying the night view from the top of Taipei 101; You are the actors of those romantice movies.

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Distinctive Accommodations

We know all the modern boutique hotels, exquisite hot spring hotels and relaxing beach resort.

Sweet Tour Guides

Besidies professional guiding, our tour guides are also good at taking pictures for you. (That’s right! You’ll never get complains from your partners for those terrible pictures that you take for him/her.) What’s more important is that our tour guides will never be the third wheel between you two. We’ll make sure you have your own quality time, or at least we can have our tour guides prepared with their sunglasses all the time.

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“The Incredibles”

If you need any temporary actor to create romantice atmosphere for you, you can count on us!

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Love can’t wait.
Feel free to contact us ASAP!

You get to know love is simple during the journey.
It’s all about keeping each other company.

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